Before purchasing tickets for the Rise Up Foundation event,
there are a few important things to know:

1. Limited Availability: The 3-Day and 2-Day General Admission Tickets are available in a very limited amount. If you plan to make a weekend out of the event, it is recommended to purchase these tickets.
2. RESERVED VIP PLATINUM SEATED Tickets: VIP ticket holders will have the opportunity to purchase VIP Premium drinks. This can enhance your overall experience at the event.
3. General Admission: General Admission attendees are allowed to bring chairs, but chair bags will not be allowed in the park. Please keep this in mind when planning your visit.
4. Digital Drink Tickets: All drink tickets will be in the form of digital QR codes. Make sure to have your phone fully charged for the event. Phone charging stations will be available in the park near the bar areas throughout the weekend. Drink tickets are available for use all 3 days.
5. Parking: There are no parking fees for the event. However, due to the large crowd, it is encouraged to carpool if possible. This will help ease congestion and make the overall parking experience smoother.


We hope these details help you in making an informed decision about purchasing tickets for the Rise Up Foundation event.

Enjoy the show!



Thursday, Sept 12th 2024 Rock the Lake

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Friday, Sept 13th 2024 Splash into Country Lineup
Old Dominion, Lauren Alaina & Tayler Holder

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Saturday, Sept 14th 2024 Splash into Country Lineup
Chris Young, Justin Moore, Chris Janson and Greylan James

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our story

The R.I.S.E. (Revitalize, Invest, Succeed & Encourage) Up Foundation, a 501(c)3, was filed by Wayne and Amber Jett in 2019 for the purpose of providing funding for projects specifically focused on enhancing the quality of life for children and their families in McHenry, Illinois. Examples include the installation of splash pads or other desired park improvements. Through their extensive community outreach and involvement, Wayne and Amber have identified that an organization like R.I.S.E. Up could serve as the conduit to make possible projects that may not otherwise be possible by linking the public and private sectors in a common vision for the benefit of the McHenry community. The R.I.S.E. Up Foundation is being organized exclusively for charitable, education, religious or scientific purposes within the meaning of Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, specifically to fund projects for children and their families as needed in McHenry, Illinois.



This Years Project

Building Inclusive Spaces for All

In 2024, Rise Up is embarking on an exciting initiative to raise over $400k towards a transformative project: the revitalization of a local park. Our goal is to create a park that is truly inclusive, ensuring that individuals of all abilities can enjoy its amenities. With this initiative, Rise Up aims to construct ADA accessible ramps, swings, and other features that will enable everyone, regardless of their physical abilities, to fully participate and enjoy the park’s offerings. We believe that everyone deserves equal access to public spaces and the opportunity to engage in outdoor activities that promote physical well-being and social connections. By focusing on inclusivity, we aim to break down barriers and create a park where individuals of all ages and abilities can come together, play, and build a stronger sense of community. This project will not only enhance the park’s facilities but also serve as a powerful symbol of our commitment to inclusivity and equality. To achieve our ambitious goal, we invite individuals, businesses, and organizations to join us in this important mission. By donating, volunteering, or spreading the word, you can help us create a park that truly reflects the diversity and inclusivity of our community. Rise Up’s focus for 2024 is not just about building a revamped park; it’s about building a more inclusive society. Together, let’s make a difference and ensure that everyone has access to safe, welcoming, and accessible spaces. Join us in this exciting journey towards creating a park that embraces and celebrates the abilities of all individuals.


Meet the team

Meet the team

President – Wayne Jett
Vice President – Amber Jett
Secretary – Sandi Dominie

Committee Members
Wayne Jett – Business Owner and President of Rise Up Foundation
Jeff Kleinschmidt – President of Big Bang Festivals
Tim Santos – Owner and Licensed Insurance Agent, Health Markets Insurance – Santos Agency
Christine Ditzler – Business Development Manager of Restoration 1 of Cary Illinois 
Ben Keefe – Senior Commander of The McHenry VFW #4600
Dawn Bremer – Business owner, District 156 school board vice president, Commissioner of McHenry EDC, board president of KIN of McHenry county
Ina Hall – Mediation, conflict resolution, problem solving – “The peaceful tasker”
Adam Ruiz – Licensed Electrician 
James Cantrell – Creative Director / Webmaster – vixenmchenry.com & Chaos Marketing Corp.
Amber Brennan – Social Worker & Bartender
Valerie Brennan – CNA (Northwestern Hospital)

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